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We take care of all sizes of customers offering flexibility in our production process and runs.


We offer unique flexibility and a wider range of glass containers in different shapes and colours for many industry segments, irrespective of volumes.



Piramal Glass offers several competitive advantages over other suppliers of flacconage. These include:

  • Strong manufacturing presence with production facilities in India, USA & Sri Lanka

  • Wide sales and distribution spread

  • Significant cost advantages

  • Decoration services

  • Specialty colours , designs & shapes

  • Ability to facilitate supply of Niche market products


  • Carlsberg Beer

  • Viva

  • Antiquity

  • MD

  • Horlicks

  • Asia Pacific Brewery (Lanka) LTD

  • sunquick

  • Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka PLC

  • KIST

  • KVC

  • I D Lanka Limited

  • Lion Lager

  • Secrets

  • Goya

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